Cotton Love & Tutti Frutti Sneak Peek 🍓🍉🍒

We're more than a linen brand.

We might be best known for our linens, but we’ve always loved experimenting with other fibers and textures.

From canvas to denim to knits, and now - cotton. We’ve played around with cotton before, but never like this… so why now?

Because we finally found the perfect wearable and breathable cotton.

madison wearing og smiley tiered maxi dress

We’ve translated our most vibrant and loved prints into limited-edition light, crisp cottons juuuust in time for Summer 😎 

Cotton is more than just ‘the fabric of our lives’.

It’s a plant that has been grown for sustenance, fiber, and even fuel for thousands of years. It’s a fiber with an unbeatable frequency and we have loved creating these special pieces for you. Keep reading for our top 3 reasons we love cotton, plus a Tutti Frutti sneak peek!!!

1. It’s natural AF.
Cotton is one of the last non-synthetics.

It literally grows from the earth and doesn’t require any harmful chemical processes to become a fiber.

Cotton is recyclable, biodegradable, and doesn’t produce micro-plastics like other micro-fibers.

This makes cotton an easy choice for any eco-conscious consumer.

2. It’s super chill.
Cotton is the definition of low maintenance.

Cotton is WAY easier to wash and care for than other fabrics.

You don’t have to worry about dry cleaning, fabric pilling, or even stinky mildew smells!

So wash as much as you want with far less worries about wear-and-tear than linen or polyester!!!

3. It’s v breathable.
Cotton is perfect for sensory sensitive peeps & warm weather.

Anyone else out there super picky when it comes to fabric feel? Or maybe even super sensitive to allergens, irritants, and hot temperatures?

If itchy or stiff fabrics are a no-go for you, then cotton is truly your friend.

Your very breathable, very soft, very reliable best friend.

Read all this way in the hopes for more deets on these Tutti Frutti sneak peek pics?!? We’ve got you!

Your beloved fruit-filled print is back one last time as a Tiered Maxi Dress in Tutti Frutti Cotton {with Side Seam Pockets of course!!}

Fingers crossed you’ll be one of the lucky 16 people who scores this last Tutti Frutti design when it drops
5/22 @10AM PT 🤞