Tender Love & Printed Linen Care 🫧

close up of dip n dots fabric with hands on the fabric


We hope you're loving our new Fall Collection of Prints - Sourpuss, Dottie, and Dip n' Dots!!

We wanted to highlight the special care and handling required of Sourpuss, et. al, especially since we worked really hard with the mill to get really bright colors in the ink.


Did you know that all printed linen fades over time?


Our new printed linen is no different and has faded during wear tests.

But... we honestly think it looks better and more like linen with some fading after wash and wear!

We LOVE that it softens quickly which is impressive for a solid printed linen. This is great for anyone who thinks traditional linen is a bit too stiff or scratchy as this fabric softens with ease.


Because of the vivacity of the ink, the color fastness is to be treated with the utmost tender, love, and care.


We highly recommend spot cleaning where you can to avoid washing if not necessary. In fact, we even created this eco-conscious Lili's Magic Stain Stick for you to use!

If washing is necessary, just wash cold on gentle with like colors because the color will fade more with aggressive, hot washing over time.

We hope these instructions help you learn more about how to best care for Sourpuss, Dottie, Dip n' Dots, and all printed linens!!

love Lili and Alex smiley face