Fallin' for Sourpuss & Dottie: New Prints are Here 💙

 We are over the moon to officially announce our TWO new Fall '23 prints: Sourpuss & Dottie!

The true magic of these prints lies in the stories & inspiration behind them! So, let’s take a dreamy stroll through the creative process for these new Nettle prints…

Mood Board for New prints featuring color scale with blues, yellows, apricot, and brown.


This first print called Sourpuss is largely inspired by Lili’s trip to Italy and Greece earlier this year, the striking blue and white of Greece’s magnificent islands stay in your mind long after leaving.

We wanted to pair that bright blue with lemon yellow, one of our favorite notes from summer, and soften it with a peach to warm up the colors.

We made the background black to represent the longer calm nights we have during the winter, and peppered in strange, almost alien floral shapes as a love letter to fall flowers.

various prints and designs

picture of black and white cat on stairs

Toby was rescued by Lili’s cousins Amy & Andrew. Toby is an absolute goblin. Toby likes to walk around the house like he is in high heels and terrorizes Amy by leaving her presents wherever he feels is suitable. Toby is deeply misunderstood. That’s why this season’s Sourpuss print is brought to you by Toby Toe-beans.


Remaining consistent with the core colors of the Sourpuss print, we wanted our second print Dottie to feel similar and friendly enough to mix and match.

Fun together with Sourpuss, but also fun on its own, Dottie is a fresh winter reset of bright blues and white.


model with reddish brown hair wearing a matching linen shirt and pant with blue circles
Angelina (she/they) is 5'7", measures 58” bust, 47” waist, 60” hips, and wears 2X Regular in the Mid Easy Pant in Dottie and an OS in the Soft Volume Long Sleeve Button Up in Dottie.


Marimekko is a staple in our design directory, and their use of florals and large dots from the 60s and 70s continues to inspire our work.

Lili recently scored some amazing vintage Marimekko sheets at a rummage sale and obsessed would be an understatement!!

We also remain devoted fans of Rei Kawakubo of CDG and LOVE her use of abstract shapes and patterns.

dotty fashion designs

**BTW... Should we make a DUPE of this circle dress for spring in a mismatch of these new prints?!

black circle dress with white dots

🍋 🔵 DIP N’ DOTS ⚪ 🐈‍⬛

We LOVE the idea of mixing and matching our prints.

With the way that our pattern pieces are, cutting into a polka dotted print filled with various scales meant that the end result would be perfectly reflect our design style-- chaotic!

We’re calling the mix n’ match of these prints Dip n’ Dots!!


model wearing bright yellow and blue mixed prints

Angelina (she/they) is 5'7", measures 58” bust, 47” waist, 60” hips, and wears 2X Regular in the Mid Easy Pant in Dip n' Dots and OS in the Boxy Collared Top in Dip n' Dots.


Sourpuss, Dottie & Dip n’ Dots officially launch this Friday, October 20th @9AM PT!

Shop the full collection here!!

Love Lili + Alex